Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"I Rock Denim Jeans, Dope Tees & Lip Gloss" Super cute House of Mental Tee at Viktor Viktoria

"I Rock Denim Jeans, Dope Tees & Lip Gloss" Women's Tee is so "Dope!"

house of mental tee at viktor viktoria

Click here to view "I Rock Denim Jeans, Dope Tees & Lip Gloss" Tee

Super cute Tee from House of Mental now at Viktor Viktoria. 100% sheer cotton, Sizes S - XL Our "I Love Shoes, Bags and Boys" Tee was a huge hit with Viktor Viktoria Vixens and I believe this new "I Rock Denim Jeans, Dope Tees & Lip Gloss" Tee will be the next favorite.

Stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at and check out our huge selection of women's and men's tees.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Onesies Are The Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

Summer means baby showers in addition to major rain showers in Wisconsin and what would make a perfect baby shower gift? A baby onesie of course!

Baby onesies are one of Viktor Viktoria's and 's best selling items. We can always tell when someone is ordering a baby onesie or two for an upcoming baby shower which they probably forgot about until the last minute as so many of the orders for baby onesies request two day select shipping! Putting off purchasing your baby shower gift can be expensive it you don't just get it over with and go to and order a couple of our cute baby onesies. Here are some of our favorite Onesies: Bob Marley Baby Onesies - We have a big collection of Bob Marley Onesies. Very popular with the younger moms who are Bob Marley Fans themselves!


Bob Marley Baby OnesieBob Marley Baby Bib

Click here to view this super cute Bob Marley Baby Onesie Click here to view matching Bob Marley Bib

Johnny Cash Onesies are also a big hit - especially in the South!

Johnny Cash OnesieJohnny Cash Onesie

Click here to view Johnny Cash Onesies Of course, Grandparents love Dr Seuss Onesies!

Click here to view Dr. Seuss Baby Onesies

Take it from a mother of twins, baby onesies are the way to go. They are cool and comfortable for the baby and make diaper changes a breeze for the new mom.

So visit or stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall and pick up some baby onesies for your next baby shower or even for you and your new baby!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Everyone Loves Bob Marley Baby Oneses and "Get Up" Bob Marley Onesie Is The Newest Onesie To Love!

Baby Onesie - Bob Marley "Get Up" Onesie $16.99 Bob Marley Onesie, "Get Up" Is A Must!
The newest addition to Viktor Viktoria Bob Marley Onesie Collection. This lime green baby onesie is super cute for any little boy or girl.
 This Bob Marley Baby Onesie is available at our home Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or online at
Bob Marley Baby Onesie
Bob Marley Baby Bib
This Bob Marley "Get Up" Onesie would be the perfect baby shower gift for any Bob Marely Fan.
Why not buy both the Bob Marley Onesie and the Bob Marley Bib. Cousin Heather will be thrilled at her baby shower with your great gift.
 Bob Marley Baby Onesie features super soft cotton.
Spring and Summer will soon be here and I know when I had my twins, I loved dressing them in Onesies. They are so cute and comfortable and easy to wear.
Any baby would be adoreable in a Bob Marley Onesie.
This Bob Marley "Get Up" Onesie features and easy snap crotch which every mother loves and needs for diaper changes.
The size scale for Bob Marley Baby Onesies is as follows:
Small = 0 - 6 Months
 Medium = 6 - 12 Months
Large = 12 - 18 Months
Be sure to stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop on line at:
Check out our large collection of infant onesies. Our collection of onesies includes: Bob Marley Baby Onesies, Johnny Cash Baby Onesies, Jimi Hendrix Baby Onesies, Betty Boop Baby Onesies, Dr Seuss Baby Onesies and many more styles of Onesies for your baby or your next baby shower.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sexy Dresses For Valentine's Day

Viktor Viktoria Vixens Love Valentine's Day! Oh what to do with all those Valentine's Day Gifts. A girl can only eat so much chocolate and still fit into a sexy Viktor Viktoria Dress!
Viktor Viktoria and have just received several new styles of sexy dresses just for you!
Wear one of these sexy dresses and your man or men or woman or women will shower you with Valentine's Day gifts!
This Sexy Dress with belt is one Viktor Viktoria's new favorites!
Click here to view this sexy dress!
Wear this sexy little dress to the Club and no one else will be noticed on the dance floor!
A gold lame' Dress is always a head turner!
 Click here to view this sexy dress
If you have the body to wear this sexy dress, buy it now while you can! A body like that won't last long so buy this dress now!
 If you like gold lame' and are daring then this Viktor Viktoria sexy Jumpsuit is for you!
Click here to view this sexy jumpsuit
Very few women can wear this sexy Jumpsuit. If you can, go for it!
Viktor Viktoria and continue to add sexy Dresses to our selection. In addition to our Viktor Viktoria T-Shirts, these sexy Dresses are hot sellers. There must be a lot of beautiful women out there who want to look hot when they hit the town or the bedroom and Valentine's Day is the perfect day to wear a sexy Viktor Viktoria Dress!

Monday, January 14, 2008

"Cry Baby" Tee worn by Amy Winehouse at

"Cry Baby Girl" Tee Looks Great on Amy Winehouse! Viktor Viktoria and have always loved Johnny Depp and are your source for this super cute "Cry Baby" T-Shirt!

Cry Baby Tee worn by Amy Winehouse
Everyone loves Johnny Depp from his days of Cry Baby to this years' Sweeny Todd!
Super cute "Cry Baby" Tee was recently worn by Amy Winehouse who was spotted in London with her new blonde hair.
Amy Winehouse wears the Cry Baby Tee
Click here to view Johnny Depp "Cry Baby" Tee
Viktor Viktoria and have sold this "Cry Baby" Tee for years and now, thanks to Amy Winehouse, it is a Viktor Viktoria Best Seller!
 Our current stock is sold out but we are expecting another shipment of the Johnny Depp "Cry Baby" Tee by January 30.
If you would like to preorder to be sure you get one of these super cute Tees, go to and pr-order today. Your account will be charged imediately, but at least when our next shipment arrives, you will get a shirt!
Just ask all the girls who wanted the "I Love Shoes Boys and Bags" Tees and didn't preorder - they had to wait much longer for their shirts than those who were smart enough to reserve theirs.
If you don't want to pay in advance to be sure you get your shirt, just send us an email at: and request you be put on our email notification list.
When the shirts arrive and after we fill our pre orders, we will let you know of any remaining "Cry Baby" Tees.
"Cry Baby" Tee is available in sizes S - XL Johnny Depp Cry Baby T-Shirt
Order Today!
 Visit Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at Be sure to check out our huge collection of men's and women's t-shirts!