Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Show Your Sesame Street Support in this Elmo Onesie!

Do you have a little baby girl who loves Elmo, or know a baby who loves Elmo? Then grab the Elmo Onesie at Viktor Viktoria and

The Elmo Onesie is a super cute hot pink onesie, with a snap crotch closure for easy changes.  The front of the onesie features a screenprint of Elmo in an outline form, and is super cute.  Pair the Elmo Onesie with some cute jeans or hoodies for a chillier night.

The Elmo Onesie is great for fans of Elmo, or those who loved Sesame Street growing up who want to share that love with their children.  Grab the Elmo Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and .

Horton Hears a Who in This Cute Onesie!

Years ago Jim Carrey voiced the role of Horton in “Horton Hears a Who”, that was one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books growing up.  So I’m in love the Horton Hears a Who Onesie from Viktor Viktoria and

The Horton Hears a Who Onesie is an adorable dark blue onesie with snap crotch closure for easy changes.  On the front of the onesie is a screenprint of Horton holding the flower he found the Who on and the words “Horton Hears a Who” and “Dr. Seuss” on the side.  While the Horton Hears a Who Onesie is a dark blue onesie I don’t think it has to be resigned strictly to baby boys, your baby girl would look super cute in it as well.

The Horton Hears a Who Onesie is easily paired with thicker clothing for a layered look for fall and winter.  Check out the Horton Hears a Who Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rhinestone Earrings: Rhinestone Hoop Earrings For Holiday Fun

Rhinestone Hoops from Viktor Viktoria  add pizazz to any Holiday Look!
Rhinestone Hoops earrings are great for day or casual wear.  At we have Rhinestone Hoops in a wide variety of sizes.  Our newest additions to our Rhinestone Hoop Earring collection are Rhinestone Hoops that are 4" in diameter.  These super large Rhinestone Hoops may not work for the office but they look great for an evening out on the town.  No matter if your hair is long or short, these Rhinestone Hoops will make a statement and be noticed. rhinestone earrings,

  Click here to view Rhinestone Hoops at Viktor Viktoria  

The Rhinestone Hoop Earrings with 4" diameter pictured above are super huge, super sexy.  Much to my suprise, they are not all that heavy given their size.  These Rhinestone Hoop earrings  and are just stunning when worn with a Rhinestone Bracelet.  When I wear my Rhinestone Hoop earrings, I always add several Rhinestone Bracelets.  The Rhinestone Hoops plus the Rhinestone Bracelets really seem to give a polished look and I love the sparkle!  So why not pair your Rhinestone Earrings with a Rhinestone Bracelet and really shine!

Click here to view Rhinestone Hoops at Viktor Viktoria

  In addition to the 3 row Rhinestone Hoop earrings we also have 2 and 1 row Rhineston Hoops in the 4" diameter.  Of course we also have 2" and 3" diameter Rhinestone Hoops so you can decided just how subtle or flashy you want to be. 

All of Viktor Viktoria Rhinestone Earrings are made with the finest Austrian Crystals!  Clear Crystals are set in silver or gold  tone metal.  Usually I wear the Rhinestone Hoops set in silver because I think the silver background really sets off the Crystals and makes them shine. 

So shop online at and check out our Rhinestone Earrings.  In addition to our large variety of Rhinestone Hoop Earrings, we have Rhinestone Dangle Earrings, Rhinestone Stud Earrings and Rhinestone Clip-on Earrings - a hard to find Rhinestone Earrings.  Rhinestone Earrings are a must for your Holiday accessory collection so add some sparkle to your life with Viktor Viktoria Rhinestone Earrings!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crochet Thigh Highs Are A Must

Crochet Thigh Hi's are perfectly sexy! Everyone loves Thigh Highs and Crochet Thigh Hi's available at definitely make a statement! Wear these Thigh Highs with your favorite little black dress or skirt and wow the crowds!  Sometimes, I pair a cute flowery skirt with the Crochet Thigh Hi's, and everyone asks me where I've gotten them! The Crochet Thigh Hi's are super sexy, so pairing them with a short skirt and wearing them to the club is a great idea!
   More Thigh Hi's Available at Viktor Viktoria!

 Crochet Thigh Hi's are available at  As everyone knows, is your one stop shops for sexy hosiery including sexy thigh highs, hot tights, leggings and more!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Onesies and Creepers: Betty Boop Onesies, Batman Creeper, Superman Creeper are Perfect Baby Shower Gifts!

Betty Boop Onesies, Batman Onesies, Superman Onesies!

If you are a new mom or if you are searching for a great baby gift may we suggest a Onesie from  Onesies are super cute and so practical.  If you want something easy to dress your baby in but still want him/her to be cute and stylish, check out our entire Onesie collection which is available at  In addition to our newest additions: Betty Boop Onesies, Batman Onesies and Superman Onesies, we also have Bob Marley Onesies, MandM Onesies and many other super cute styles. Below are our four newest baby onesies or as many call them: baby rompers, baby creepers, baby snap suits or for the non-speller baby 1Z

1.  "Betty Boop and Friends" onesie and "Betty Boop Hearts" onesie betty boop onesie,
"Betty Boop And Friends" Onesie at Viktor Viktoria betty boop onesie,

"Betty Boop Hearts" onesie at Viktor Viktoria We love Betty Boop, the original Viktor Viktoria Vixen.  Just think what a hit a Betty Boop baby onesie would be at the next baby shower you are lucky enough to attend.
Superman Logo" Baby Creeper
Superman creeper,  

  Super cute baby romper for your Super cute baby!

  "Batman" Baby Creeper at Viktor Viktoria Batman Creeper,  

"Batman" Creeper for you little Batman Fan can also double as a Halloween costume!

Think how cute little Taylor or little Travis would look in a Onesie from   All of our baby creepers are made of super soft cotton and feature and easy open snap crotch. 

Baby Onesies are available in sizes 6 - 24 months so if you are looking for a great gift for yourself, your baby or yourself shop online at  and check out our great collection of Baby onesies.  In addition to our baby creeper collection, we also offer Baby Tees and Toddler T-Shirts to help dress the entire family.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sequin Skirt, Sparkle Tonight In A Viktor Viktoria Sequin Skirt

A Sequin Skirt is the newest addition to Viktor Viktoria's sexy skirt collection.  At we are in love with sequined clothing.  Sequin Tops, Sequin Dresses, Sequin Leggings and now Sequin Skirts are all a part of our collection.  This new sequin skirt would look so rock star paired with a Chaser  Tee or so sexy paired with a Vitkor Viktoria Club Top
sequin skirt,

Click here to view sequin skirt at Viktor Viktoria

Our sequin mini skirt is available in sizes S - L.  It is 15" long and fully lined.  We think our sequin skirt would look great paired with Viktor Viktoria Leggings or with sexy sheer stockings.    Click here to view Viktor Viktoria's Sequin Skirt    

So if you are looking for a great sexy sequin skirt, be sure to shop online at 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ruffle Booty Shorts: Hot Pink Ruffle Shorts, Green Ruffle Shorts Are Sweet and Sexy!

Ruffle Booty Shorts: Neon Ruffle Booty Shorts Are A Must Under Your Mini Skirts!
Ruffle Booty shorts are the perfect solution for what to wear under a super short skirt when you don't want to flash the world!  Viktor Viktoria's Ruffle Booty Shorts are made of  chiffon with super cute ruffles that are feminine and fun.  Available at, wear under a skirt, costume or alone if you dare!
ruffle booty short, viktor viktoria
Click here to view Ruffle Booty Shorts at Viktor Viktoria has a large collection of Booty Shorts for you including Ruffle Booty Shorts, Metallic Booty Shorts and Net Booty  Shorts.  If you are a dancer, you might want to consider ordering several pairs of Booty Shorts to wear over your tights for class, if you are a sexy dancer, you may want to wear your Booty Shorts without the tights underneath! ruffle booty short,  
Click here to view Ruffle Booty Shorts at Viktor Viktoria

Our Neon ruffle booty shorts are  available in Green and Pink and are black light reflective!  In addition to the neon booty shorts, we also have black ruffle booty shorts and white ruffle booty shorts.  One thing we love about this style of ruffle booty shorts is that they are actually available in sizes S - XL.  Usually most booty shorts only go up to size L so it is nice to find a style of  Ruffle Booty Shorts that go up to size XL.

So if you are looking for Ruffle Booty Shorts,  look no farther than   You will love our great selection and our size range.  

Are you with a dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team, etc?  Need a large quantity of this item?  Call us at 414 479 9860 and ask for Ann.  We can help

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Works Bracelets: Statement Bracelet A Must

Good Works Statement Bracelets now at  Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, these Good Works Bracelets feature messages such as "Plant Peace," "Lead the Way," and "Come Together." After the Humanity Statement Bracelets for men proved to be so popular, we decided to add the Good Works Bracelets for women and they are already flying out of good works bracelet,  

Click here to view Humanity Statement Bracelets at Viktor Viktoria

These Good Works Bracelets feature 12 different statements.  You will probably want several to add to your Good Works Bracelets collection. Good Works Bracelets are worn by many stars and will make a great addition to your jewelry collection. So if you love Good Works Bracelets, or if you are just discovering Good Works Bracelets  we know you will want to stop in and check out our new Good Works Bracelets.  While shopping be sure to view our entire collection of Good Works Bracelets   Once you buy one, you will want them all!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Purple Butterfly Top: Shine In A Viktor Viktoria Butterfly Top

This Fall, I find myself searching for sexy tops to wear on the weekend to the Club.  My latest find is the Purple Sequin Butterfly Top from  Not many people are bold enough to wear a purple sequin top, but I am not most people!

The Purple Sequin Butterfly Top is a very sexy tie-on top shaped like a butterfly.  Covered in sequins this top  is sure to catch the lights in the Club and really sparkle.  The ties in the back allow the Purple Sequin Butterfly Top to be worn and tied multiple ways.  I plan to wear it to an 80's party this weekend and perhaps with a Halloween costume.

The Purple Sequin Butterfly Top looks great with mini skirts or shorts.  I'm also going to wear it with a blazer over it.  So if you are looking for a new top, you too can get the Purple Sequin Butterfly Top today at  Be sure to check out all the sexy tops when you get a chance.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good Works Wrap Bracelet: Vintage Wrap Good Works Bracelet At Viktor Viktoria

Good Works Bracelets: Wrap Style Good Works Bracelets now at Viktor Viktoria. Good Works Wrap Bracelets, Vintage Style with crystals are now at .  The new Good Works Bracelets are available in a wide variety of colors with the vintage treatment to the leather so they look worn in on first wearing.  At Good Works Bracelets and sales of Good Works Bracelets are just great.  You have to check out this new Vintage style  wrap bracelet and all of our other styles.  Good Works Bracelets feature metallic messages such as "Plant Peace," "Speak Kindness," and "Accept Love." good works bracelets
Click here to view Humanity Bracelets at

Good Works Bracelets, vintage style with crystals are available in 7 great colors and are one size fits all.  Worn by the stars, you will love the Good Works Bracelets  Shop online at and check out our newest addition to our Humanity Bracelet line: The vintage wrap Humanity Bracelet.  You will love this bracelet and if you are like me, will want every style of Good Works Bracelet available to Humanity!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Queen Size Leggings: Seamless Queen Size Leggings Hard To Find Leggings At

Are you a bigger girl looking for the perfect pair of leggings to wear under that dress, long tee or on their own? Look no further than the Queen Size Seamless Leggings at

The Queen Size Seamless Leggings are smooth, one piece leggings that look great no matter how you wear them.   The Queen Size Seamless Leggings look great under short shorts or miniskirts, great with boots, or flats. With their seamless design and soft material the Queen Size Seamless Leggings will become the favorite leggings you own.

I love the look of leggings with a distressed tee, so I love having a bunch of the Queen Size Seamless Leggings laying around for when inspiration strikes. If you love leggings and can’t get enough (or have trouble finding larger sizes) you’ll love the tons of choices you have with the many colors of the Queen Size Seamless Leggings.  Get the Queen Size Seamless Leggings now at

Shiny Pink Leggings at

So yesterday I discovered that had some of the cutest pairs of leggings I had ever seen. Some of the kinds of leggings they have are Sequin Leggings, Metallic Leggings, and Slash Front leggings. My favorites are the Shiny Pink Leggings. has even more leggings then the store does! These are the Shiny Pink Leggings that I love.  They are available at
pink leggings,
  Click Here To See More Leggings at Viktor Viktoria!

I decided to buy the Shiny Pink Leggings to wear to the party I was going to go to after my show last night. Any person that has worn these leggings agree that they are a must have, because they go with almost anything. My friends and boyfriend absolutely adored them and said they really brought out the great shape of my legs. Viktor Viktoria and are now my favorite places. Whenever I don’t feel like going to Viktor Viktoria, I go online and all of the wonderful Leggings are available at

Gold Sequence Booty Shorts, Silver Sequence Booty Shorts For Halloween Or Clubbing

Sequence  Booty Shorts:  Silver Booty Shorts and Gold Booty Shorts Are Now IN Stock!
Sequence Booty Shorts in gold and silver are the newest addition to Viktor Viktoria's sexy booty short collection.  We love these new Sequence Booty Shorts which feature a sporty banding at waist and bottom.  These Sequin Booty Shorts would be perfect for clubbing, Halloween or if you are a sexy jock - why not wear to work out - after all, they do have a sporty look to them!
  Sexy Sequin Booty Shorts at Viktor Viktoria
Sexy Sequin Booty Shorts at Viktor Viktoria
sequin bootie shorts, viktor viktoria
Sexy Booty Shorts, Back View

This new style of Sequence Booty Shorts is available in sizes S - L.  These sequined shorts are super short hot pants.  Not the best idea if you do have a big booty - unless of course you want to strut you stuff! Be sure to also view our Sequined leggings.  Another super hot option for Viktor Viktoria Vixens.  Sequence Booty Shorts are the perfect solution for what to wear under a super short skirt when you don't want to flash the world!  

At we have Sequence Booty Shorts, metallic booty and boy shorts and ruffle boy shorts.  We think you can easily wear your booty / boy shorts under a skirt or alone if you dare!  Our new Sequence Booty Shorts are perfect for so many occasions.  Also, please remember that if you are with a dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team and you need a large quantity of Booty or boy shorts or leggings we can help you.  So shop online at and check out our new Sequence Booty Shorts as well as our Boy Shorts and Sequin leggings.  You will love them and find so many uses for them from Halloween to working out!

Butterfly Top: Sequin Butterfly Top for the Club or Halloween

Sexy Butterfly Tops are an absolute must have for all clubgoers or for your Halloween Costume. Now available at, the Sexy Butterfly Top is available in many bright colors - solid sequin or beautiful color combinations! Butterfly Tops look great alone or under another top or jacket. Sexy Butterfly Tops are a great thing to own, so you must get one right away!  I bought my butterfly top at
 Butterfly Top,
I got my Sexy Butterfly Top from my favorite store, Viktor Viktoria. Since I live in a different state, I got the Sexy Butterfly Top from the website, There are many different colors and styles of Sexy Butterfly Tops at
Green butterfly top
I wore my Sexy Butterfly Top with a pair of metallic leggings (also from Viktor Viktoria and and my outfit was a total hit at the club I was at. If you want to be the center of the party, you must get the Sexy Butterfly Top for yourself!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Snake Skin Leggings are Wild and Sexy!

Snake Skin Leggings Are Wild And Sexy!
Add some drama and color to you life with Viktor Viktoria's Snake Skin Leggings! These snake skin leggings are the newest addtion to 's legging collection.  We think these snake skin print leggings would be perfect under a mini skirt, sundress or shorts.  As everyone knows, leggings are a hot look again this year and will remain a fashion mainstay for years to come.
  snake skin leggings,
  click here to view leggings at

We love the exotic look of these Viktor Viktoria snake skin print leggings.  Please note:  Each pair of leggings will have a variation on the pictured pattern.  No two pair of snake skin leggings are exactly alike but we are sure you will love the fabric and print.   Seamless construction creates a smooth flattering fit.  90% Nylon 10% Spandex
  click here to view leggings at

Our snake skin leggings are one size Leggings that will fit 100 - 170 lbs.  We suggest you hand Wash your snake skin leggings in cold water. 

Shop online at and check out these super sexy, wild Snake Skin Leggings.  If you want an exotic look, these leggings are a must for you.

Handkerchief Dress: Your Search For The Perfect Handkerchief Dress Is Over

Your search for the perfect Hankerchief Dress is Over!
Every year introduces our line of sexy Handkerchief dresses.  These Handkerchief dresses are perfect for a wedding, a night on the town or even a casual weekend when paired with flip flops. We love the fact that a Handkerchief Dress is really seasonless because it can be worn alone in the Summer or paired with a little sweater in the Fall/Winter.
 Handkerchief Dress,
  Click here to view Handkerchief dresses at Viktor Viktoria

This beautiful Handkerchief Dress is perfect for a day in the sun or a night on the town! Our Handkerchief Dress features a sexy halter neck, comfortable ankle length skirt.  Great with flip flops or strappy sandals! The perfect sexy dress features an adjustable tie back. This Handkerchief dress would be perfect for almost any occasion.  This new print is so tropical it screams take me on a cruise!
 Click here to view Handkerchief dresses at Viktor Viktoria Handkerchief Dress,
  The Handkerchief Dress is One size fits most -dress  2 - 12 Best fit is on a woman with an A/B size chest.  poly/charmeuse fabric, hand wash.

Click here to view sexy dresses at Viktor Viktoria

Shop online at and check out our great collection of sexy dresses.  You will especially love our new Handkerchief style.      

Black Sequin Leggings: Sparkle In Black Sequin Leggings

Sequin Leggings from Viktor Viktoria and are super sexy and a must have for any clubgoer. The Sequin Leggings can go with any shirt, or any outfit at all. They absolutely make you shine, because when the lights bounce off of the Sequin Leggings, you become the center of attention. Nobody can take their eyes off of you! sequin leggings, Click Here To See More Sequin Leggings From Viktor Viktoria! The Sequin Leggings are so shiny I just love them. The Sequin Leggings from Viktor Viktoria and are a must have for all fashion forward people - like me aka The Drama Queen! Not only are Sequin Leggings a fall fashion, they look good all year round. Many people agree with me in saying that sequin leggings are definitely the sexiest kind of leggings. Click Here To See More Sequin Leggings From Viktor Viktoria! At Viktor Viktoria and, there are many different kinds of Sequin Leggings, and many other different kinds of Leggings. Viktor Viktoria and are your one stop shop for any kind of leggings, or any outfit to go clubbing with!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Net Booty Shorts Are HOT!

Lycra Net Booty Shorts are super sexy and a must for your club wear collection.  Are you a fan of wearing short skirts? Hate to worry about something slipping out? Then check out the Lycra Net Booty Shorts at


The Lycra Net Booty Shorts are tight fitting booty shorts, available in many great colors.  What’s so cool about these Lycra Net Booty Shorts are that they have the really cool trim of fishnet along the top, adding to the sex appeal.  Worn alone or under a short skirt you’ll feel hot in the Lycra Net Booty Shorts

 I love that the Lycra Net Booty Shorts are available in such great colors, I hate wearing “plain” underwear.   These Lycra Net Booty Shorts are both stylish and comfortable, you won’t want to miss snagging them!  Get the Lycra Net Booty Shorts now at

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sparkle Bras: Look Hot In A Sparkle Bra from Viktor Viktoria

Are you looking for something sparkly, yet a bit subdued? Then you’ll love the Black Sparkle Bra from  Sparkle Bras are so hot and sexy yet they also offer great coverage when needed underneath a fishnet top or sexy sheer shirt.
When you want to add sparkle, but stay on the neutral side you’ll love the Black Sparkle Bra.  Of course, Black goes with everything and so this sparkle bra is a great addition to you wardrobe as it is practical and versitile.  The Black Sparkle Bra  is covered in sequin, beading and beaded floral pieces.  The Black Sparkle Bra adds a great sexy, yet simple touch to any outfit.
If you want to really dazzle them, why not grab the matching Black Beaded Belt.  The Black Beaded Belt is a beaded belt, with a webbed waist piece.  The asymmetrical beading that hangs down gives a kind of latin feel to the Black Beaded Belt.
If that little black dress is a little too low cut you’ll be glad you have the Black Sparkle Bra  to reach for to add some protection.  The Black Sparkle Bra also looks a-mazing under a blazer as well.  Get the Black Sparkle Bra  and the Black Beaded Belt  now at

Booty Shorts For Halloween Fun

Metallic Booty Shorts Are Perfect For Halloween. Celebrate Trick or Treat and wear Booty Shorts with your Halloween Costumes!

Metallic Booty Shorts are perfect for Halloween. These shiny booty shorts are your solution as to what to wear under your costume or school girl super short skirt this Halloween when you don't want to flash the world! Booty Shorts will look great with your Wicked Witch costume or your Referee Costume. Viktor Viktoria's  Booty Shorts are made of the same fabric as our metallic leggings. You can wear your booty shorts under a Costume or alone if you dare!

green booty shorts viktor viktoria

Our Metallic Booty shorts are available in a wide variety of colors to match your sexy outfits. The Booty Shorts are available in sizes S -L: Small - 0 , Medium -2-4, Large - 6 - 8 These  shorts are tight, short and small. If you have a larger bootie, you should order the boy short instead - these bootie shorts will not cover your bootie (unless of course, that is the look you are going for!)

So if you are looking for Booty Shorts look no farther than There is still time to get your booty shorts by Halloween and go Trick or Treating so order today!

Are you with a dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team, etc? Need a large quantity of this item? Call us at 414 479 9860 and ask for Ann. We can help you!

Rhinestone Earrings: Sparkle In 3 Row Rhinestone Earrings

Rhinestone Earrings are the perfect accessory!  They are perfect because they can go with any outfit and are available at ! If you have a sexy or chic outfit that needs some bling, these earrings are the perfect earrings for you! Three Row Rhinestone Earrings make you look expensive, even though they dont even cost that much!
Three Row Rhinestone Earrings, Viktor Viktoria
  Click Here To See More Rhinestone Jewelry At Viktor Viktoria!
 Three Row Rhinestone Earrings are a great way to look elegant at any occasion because they are very elegant themselves. They also could be worn with a sexy outfit and make the outfit more sexy! Three Row Rhinestone Earrings are just overall a great pair of earrings to own and if you are an earring lover, you definitely need to get a pair of the Three Row Rhinestone Earrings!

Three Row Rhinestone Earrings are available at

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sequin Bikini Top: Fuchsia Sequin Bikini Top Is Hot!

 Sequin Bikini Tops  are a must for Viktor Viktoria Vixens! When you’re looking for something bold, out there and in your favorite color check out the Fuchsia Sequin Bikini Top at; it is sure to become one of your favorite items in your closet!  pink sequin bikini top
 The Fuchsia Sequin Bikini Top is a tie-on style bikini top, covered completely in sequins.  If you love the color Fuchsia and enjoy standing out from the crowd, you’ll love the Fuchsia Sequin Bikini Top.  The Fuchsia Sequin Bikini Top looks awesome under blazers or fishnet tops. 

The Fuchsia Sequin Bikini Top is great for adding color and sparkle to every outfit.  If you want to wear the Fuchsia Sequin Bikini Top as an actual bikini we have two matching styles of shorts!  Snag the Fuchsia Sequin Bikini Top now at

Green Butterfly Top: Chanel Britney Spears "Slave 4 U" With Viktor Viktoria's Butterfly Top

 Green Butterfly Top at is a must. With Britney Spears making her huge comeback this year, she’s sure to be a popular Halloween Costume. Remember her incredible performance on the VMA’s for “Slave 4 U”? She had the green butterfly top and the snake.  Well have the perfect Green Butterfly Top for the perfect Britney Costume.
sequin butterfly top
  Check out the Performance! Pair your Green Butterfly top with some teal booty shorts with Tulle hanging off of them and some great green lace up flats.   And don’t forget Britney had a great Snake wrapped around her for part of the performance, so carry around a stuffed snake while you’re wearing your Green Butterfly Top. If you’re looking to be a bit snarky with your Britney Costume you could wear your Green Butterfly Top and a skull cap that makes it look like you’ve shaved your head.
sequin butterfly top
  Check out the Performance Here!
  If you don’t want the Green Butterfly top, but want the top in another color check out the great selection of Butterfly tops we have available at