Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Show Your Sesame Street Support in this Elmo Onesie!

Do you have a little baby girl who loves Elmo, or know a baby who loves Elmo? Then grab the Elmo Onesie at Viktor Viktoria and

The Elmo Onesie is a super cute hot pink onesie, with a snap crotch closure for easy changes.  The front of the onesie features a screenprint of Elmo in an outline form, and is super cute.  Pair the Elmo Onesie with some cute jeans or hoodies for a chillier night.

The Elmo Onesie is great for fans of Elmo, or those who loved Sesame Street growing up who want to share that love with their children.  Grab the Elmo Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and .

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