Monday, October 15, 2012

Butterfly Top: Sequin Butterfly Top for the Club or Halloween

Sexy Butterfly Tops are an absolute must have for all clubgoers or for your Halloween Costume. Now available at, the Sexy Butterfly Top is available in many bright colors - solid sequin or beautiful color combinations! Butterfly Tops look great alone or under another top or jacket. Sexy Butterfly Tops are a great thing to own, so you must get one right away!  I bought my butterfly top at
 Butterfly Top,
I got my Sexy Butterfly Top from my favorite store, Viktor Viktoria. Since I live in a different state, I got the Sexy Butterfly Top from the website, There are many different colors and styles of Sexy Butterfly Tops at
Green butterfly top
I wore my Sexy Butterfly Top with a pair of metallic leggings (also from Viktor Viktoria and and my outfit was a total hit at the club I was at. If you want to be the center of the party, you must get the Sexy Butterfly Top for yourself!

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