Saturday, October 27, 2012

Onesies and Creepers: Betty Boop Onesies, Batman Creeper, Superman Creeper are Perfect Baby Shower Gifts!

Betty Boop Onesies, Batman Onesies, Superman Onesies!

If you are a new mom or if you are searching for a great baby gift may we suggest a Onesie from  Onesies are super cute and so practical.  If you want something easy to dress your baby in but still want him/her to be cute and stylish, check out our entire Onesie collection which is available at  In addition to our newest additions: Betty Boop Onesies, Batman Onesies and Superman Onesies, we also have Bob Marley Onesies, MandM Onesies and many other super cute styles. Below are our four newest baby onesies or as many call them: baby rompers, baby creepers, baby snap suits or for the non-speller baby 1Z

1.  "Betty Boop and Friends" onesie and "Betty Boop Hearts" onesie betty boop onesie,
"Betty Boop And Friends" Onesie at Viktor Viktoria betty boop onesie,

"Betty Boop Hearts" onesie at Viktor Viktoria We love Betty Boop, the original Viktor Viktoria Vixen.  Just think what a hit a Betty Boop baby onesie would be at the next baby shower you are lucky enough to attend.
Superman Logo" Baby Creeper
Superman creeper,  

  Super cute baby romper for your Super cute baby!

  "Batman" Baby Creeper at Viktor Viktoria Batman Creeper,  

"Batman" Creeper for you little Batman Fan can also double as a Halloween costume!

Think how cute little Taylor or little Travis would look in a Onesie from   All of our baby creepers are made of super soft cotton and feature and easy open snap crotch. 

Baby Onesies are available in sizes 6 - 24 months so if you are looking for a great gift for yourself, your baby or yourself shop online at  and check out our great collection of Baby onesies.  In addition to our baby creeper collection, we also offer Baby Tees and Toddler T-Shirts to help dress the entire family.

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