Friday, September 25, 2009

Gold Shiny Leggings, Silver Shiny Leggings, Red Shiny Leggings, Silver Shiny Leggings: Viktor VIktoria Is THE Shiny Leggings Headquarters!

Shiny Leggings: Gold Shiny Leggings, Silver Shiny Leggings, Red Shiny Leggings, Purple Shiny Leggings, Yes, Viktor Viktoria Is Your Source For Shiny Leggings! Leggings Are So Sexy And So HOT!!

Add some drama and color to you life with Viktor Viktoria's Shiny Leggings! As the title of this blog post suggests, Viktor Viktoria is your shiny leggings headquarters. Yes, we have shiny leggings in the following colors: shiny bronze leggings, shiny gold leggings, shiny pink leggings, shiny blue leggings, shiny purple leggings, shiny black leggings, shiny kelly green leggings and shiny red leggings. In fact, I'm sure we have other colors of shiny leggings but I am forgetting them right now!
metallic leggings

metallic leggings

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Perfect under a mini skirt, sexy dress or short shorts, Viktor Viktoria's shiny leggings are available in both ankle and mid calf length. As everyone knows, shiny leggings are a hot look again this year. I'm sure you've seen all the stars wearing their shiny leggings and looking super hot in them. I'm sure you've also seen many people wearing the shiny leggings who would perhaps look much better in matte leggings - I know we at Viktor Viktoria have - but to each her own when it comes to leggings!
metallic leggings

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Shiny leggings are also a great addition to any Halloween costume. Think how cute your would be wearing blue shiny leggings with your Rainbow Brite costume or maybe gold shiny leggings with your Hooker Costume. The options for using shiny leggings with your Halloween costumer are really endless!

Viktor Viktoria's shiny leggings are tight fitting which creates a smooth flattering fit. Metallic Leggings are available in so many colors you will want them all after you try your first pair.

Are you with a dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team, etc? Need a large quantity of shiny leggings? Call us at 414 479 9860 and ask for Ann. We can help you! We have supplied shiny leggings to some of the biggest dance teams in the country. We offer great group discounts and top customer service as in addition to being retailers, we are dancers ourselves!

gold leggings at Viktor Viktoria

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Viktor Viktoria Shiny Leggins are 90% Nylon 10% Spandex These shiny leggings will feel great on your legs. Hand Wash in cold water. Sizes S - L Shiny leggings are available in mid calf and ankle Length.

 Shop online at and check out our shiny leggings. We have a huge selection of shiny leggings, fishnet leggings, metallic leggings, tye dye leggings, sequin leggings, etc etc. One visit and you will know why Viktor Viktoria and are indeed your  leggings headquarters

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sequin Bootie Shorts At Viktor Viktoria

Sequin Booty Shorts Are Here - At Last, Sequin Bootie Shorts are back in stock at Viktor Viktoria and

Viktor Viktoria's Booty Shorts are big sellers all year round but now the sales will soar as we prepare for Halloween and hot nights in the clubs. Everyone knows that sequin Booty Shorts Are A Must Under Your Mini Skirts - afterall if you want to wear a super short skirt but still have some class you can put a pair of our black sequin or silver sequin booty shorts under your skirt and you won't have to worry about flashing anyone! Sequin Booty Shorts are again a part of Viktor Viktoria's sexy short collection.

As you can see Viktor Viktoria's sequin booty shorts are available in Black Sequin and Silver Sequin - you will want both. Our Sequin Booty Shorts are available in sizes S - L. S= 0 - 2 M=4-6 L=8-10 There is some stretch to these sequin booty shorts but these sequined shorts are super short hot pants. Not the best idea if you do have a big booty!

Be sure to also view our Sequined leggings. Another super hot option for Viktor Viktoria Vixens.

sequined leggings at viktor viktoriasequin leggings at viktor viktoria

Also be sure to check out our metallic Booty and metallic Boy shorts.

booty shorts at Viktor Viktoria

So, Sequin Booty Shorts and Metallic Booty Shorts are the perfect solution for what to wear under a super short skirt when you don't want to flash the world! Wear under a skirt or alone if you dare!

Metallic Booty shorts are available in Metallic Black, Metallic Gold or Metalic Silver, Metallic Purple, Metallic Turquoise and Metallic Fuschia (See leggings for fabric colors)

If you prefer a bit more coverage, check out our metallic boy shorts.

boy shorts at viktor viktoria

Boy shorts at Viktor Viktoria If you are looking for Shorts for either club wear or your Halloween Costume be sure to shop and check out our great collection of Booty Shorts and Boy Shorts.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"I Like It Dirty" Women's V-Neck Rex Tee Is Meant For All Viktor Viktoria Vixens!
The original "I Like It Dirty" Women's Tee has been a big seller at Viktor Viktoria and for the past year. Rex, never one to rest on his success, had updated his "I Like It Dirty" Tee to a v-neck boyfriend style. 

"I Like It Dirty" women's V-Neck Tee is available in size S. This Rex Tee is the new boyfriend style Tee so it runs a bit larger than a regular size small and would fit a woman up to size 8! Viktor Viktoria Vixens love Rex Tees!

i like it dirty

Why not customize this Viktor Viktoria Tee with Swarovski Crystals?


Click here to add Swarovski Crystals to this Tee! For an additional $19.99 you can have a custom made Tee!

Each Swarovski Crystal is individually heat set by a Viktor Viktoria artist!

Stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at and check out our complete line of Rex Tees as well as our other great make a statement t-shirts. Now is the time to add some new Tees to your Fall wardrobe!