Monday, September 14, 2009

Sequin Bootie Shorts At Viktor Viktoria

Sequin Booty Shorts Are Here - At Last, Sequin Bootie Shorts are back in stock at Viktor Viktoria and

Viktor Viktoria's Booty Shorts are big sellers all year round but now the sales will soar as we prepare for Halloween and hot nights in the clubs. Everyone knows that sequin Booty Shorts Are A Must Under Your Mini Skirts - afterall if you want to wear a super short skirt but still have some class you can put a pair of our black sequin or silver sequin booty shorts under your skirt and you won't have to worry about flashing anyone! Sequin Booty Shorts are again a part of Viktor Viktoria's sexy short collection.

As you can see Viktor Viktoria's sequin booty shorts are available in Black Sequin and Silver Sequin - you will want both. Our Sequin Booty Shorts are available in sizes S - L. S= 0 - 2 M=4-6 L=8-10 There is some stretch to these sequin booty shorts but these sequined shorts are super short hot pants. Not the best idea if you do have a big booty!

Be sure to also view our Sequined leggings. Another super hot option for Viktor Viktoria Vixens.

sequined leggings at viktor viktoriasequin leggings at viktor viktoria

Also be sure to check out our metallic Booty and metallic Boy shorts.

booty shorts at Viktor Viktoria

So, Sequin Booty Shorts and Metallic Booty Shorts are the perfect solution for what to wear under a super short skirt when you don't want to flash the world! Wear under a skirt or alone if you dare!

Metallic Booty shorts are available in Metallic Black, Metallic Gold or Metalic Silver, Metallic Purple, Metallic Turquoise and Metallic Fuschia (See leggings for fabric colors)

If you prefer a bit more coverage, check out our metallic boy shorts.

boy shorts at viktor viktoria

Boy shorts at Viktor Viktoria If you are looking for Shorts for either club wear or your Halloween Costume be sure to shop and check out our great collection of Booty Shorts and Boy Shorts.

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