Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sexy Tops Are A Must For Your Wardrobe!

Sexy Tops are a must for your wardrobe and Viktor Viktoria's Sexy Club Top is super hot!!

sexy drape top at Viktor Viktoriadrape top at victor victoria

Another Saturday night and you are trying to find something to wear? Well how about a sexy club top from Victor Victoria. If you watch "Dancing With The Stars" you will often see the professional dancers wearing one of these sexy tops while rehearsing their dances. Even if you can't dance like one of these women, you can look just as sexy in our Viktor Viktoria Drape Top!

Viktor Viktoria drape tops are best sellers at our home store. At just $14.99, you need a Viktor Viktoria Drape Top in every color! These sexy tops look great alone or with a cute little bra or tank top underneath. You can wear the sexy drape top open as shown or cross the fabric at the neck for a totally new look

Click here to view Viktor Viktoria Rhinestone Neckties

Wear this rhinestone necktie with your Drape Top and you will be the center of attention at the Club. We have a large selection of Rhinestone Neckties from the ultimate Rhinestone necktie pictured above to tiny Rhinestone Neckties. Which every style you choose, a Rhinestone necktie would be a great additon to our sexy club top and you wardrobe as a whoel.

If you plan to wear your sexy drape top alone, we suggest you secure it with Stylin' Tape. This two sided tape sticks to your skin and then sticks to the fabric of the top so you can dance the night away with no fear of flashing anyone.

sexy drape top at viktor viktoriasexy top at viktor viktoria

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