Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rihanna Rocks Nippies! Stick on pasties are super hot.

Rihanna Rocks Nippies!

Rihanna wears Bristol 6 nippies

Nippies or pasties, have been hot selling items at Viktor Viktoria and for several years. Our customers love nIppies because they can wear a sexy Viktor Viktoria top with a pair of Nippies and not have to worry about flashing the world. We have nippies in a wide variety of styles so be sure to check them out today.

Rihanna takes style cues from the 'Sex Pistol' Nippies set, as the edgy songstress wears the neon pink pair under a black sheer top with a striped skirt in NYC's SoHo district for a look that is SoHot! Nippies are the first and only nipple cover made from real lingerie fabrics for beautiful and functional coverage that won't compromise your style. Whether mixing or matching summer's hottest accessory, Nippies are a patch of freedom you won't want to hide.

About Bristols 6:
At Bristols 6, the innovative undergarments & accessories give women the freedom to wear what they like without showing more than they want. Brisol 6 has a solution for every intimate dressing challenge that is functional yet appealing to a discerning fashion customer.

Using quality fabrics like satin and lace makes Bristol 6 products feel comfortable & look beautiful...with and without your clothes on.

Bristols 6
Rethinking intimates with luxury & liberty in mind. Now available at Viktor Viktoria and

Stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at and check out our huge collection of Nippies from Bristols 6. You will want them all.

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