Sunday, December 6, 2009

Viktor Viktoria attends Shopping Galleria In Oconomowoc

Viktor Viktoria and are always looking for ways to promote our retail business. In the past, I used to do many Summer Festivals where I sold Viktor Viktoria T-Shirts and Jewelry. I haven't don't a festival in a long time but decided to take a chance on the Shopping Galleria in Oconomowoc. So yesterday we did a Holiday shopping event called the Shopping Galleria.

The Shopping Galleria was held at the Olympia Resort. We decided to attend this event to promote Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall as well as our web site: We have found that even though Oconomowoc is only about 30 minutes west of Milwaukee and Mayfair Mall, most of the people out there have no desire make the short trip to Mayfair. Therefore, we decided this would be a great place to promote

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There were about 30 vendors at the Galleria. Many local Milwaukee boutiques were there including Fayes and Stephanie Horne. Most brought jewelry and clothing. We brought our hand knit mittens, gloves and mukluks. Of all the vendors, I think we may have sold the most - after all who can resist a pair of $5.00 mittens?

We were able to hand out a lot of Viktor Viktoria VIP cards so hopefully, the Oconomowoc crowd will log in to and check out our great selection of Tees, Clothing and Jewelry!

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