Thursday, June 17, 2010

Julie Neumar featured on "Trash and Luxury Top: "Cat's Meow"

Trash & Luxury "Cat's Meow" Top Is A Must
Trash and Luxury pays tribute to the great Julie Neumar with the "Cat's Meow" Top. Viktor Viktoria has a wide selection of Trash & Luxury Tops and this "Cat's Meow" is a winner. The Trash & Luxury Clothing Line is one of Viktor Viktoria and's best selling lines. Our customers love Trash and Luxury for their great graphics, fabrics and fit. We have received several new styles of Trash and Luxury Tops and one of our favorites is the "Cat's Meow" Top.
You will love this stunning Trash & Luxury Top "Cat's Meow" no matter if you are a cat lover or not. "Cat's Meow" is a must for your wardrobe as it pays tribute to the original Cat Woman, Julie Neumar. Now, you probably don't remember Cat Woman on the original Batman TV show, but you will love the shirt anyway. Wear your "Cat's Meow" Top and enjoy a great weekend!

This Trash and Luxury "Cat's Meow" Top features a stunning graphic on a flared sexy top. You will love the super soft fabric and great fit of this Trash and Luxury Top.

Trash And Luxury "Cat's Meow" Top is available in sizes S - L. Wide scoop neck, jersey top.

Why not pair your "Cat's Meow" Top from Trash And Luxury with a pair of Viktor Viktoria Leggings.

Stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at and check out our complete line of Trash & Luxury tops. We know you will love them all!

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