Friday, October 8, 2010

Bootie Shorts and The Playboy Beach House TV Show

This fall, Playboy TV is hosting the wildest party ever at their beach house in Malibu and, hopefully, the bootie shorts from will be featured on the show!

One of the styles the Playboy costume staff liked was our metallic Booty Short with buckle. This is a super short, super hot Bootie Short that is one size fits SMALL. Yes, these bootie shorts are super tiny so if you are a size 0 - 3 like most Playboy bunnies probably are, you must have these bootie shorts in your wardrobe!

Click here to view Booty Shorts at Viktor Viktoria

We were recently contacted by the costume department of the new "Playboy Beach House" TV show. They told us they loved our Bootie shorts as pictured on and asked if we would be willing to supply bootie shorts for the new Playboy Beach House TV reality show. Of couse we said YES! We have been promised wardrobe credit and stills of the hot girls wearing our Bootie Shorts so if the Bootie shorts we sent fit the girls and are used on the Playboy Beach House Show, we will be sure to post them on this blog and on

Click here to view Bootie Shorts at Viktor Viktoria

Playboy Beach House will feature bands, sand and the hottest Playboy girls such as Kristina and Claire:

TV cameras will be capturing the action at the Malibu beach house for the upcoming reality show on Playboy TV: Playboy's Beach House on Playboy TV. It should be a wild and crazy show which will attract many viewers.

The Playboy Beach House party will happen in Malibu in September and October. Jessica Hall and Playboy Radion Co-Host, Brandie Moses will host the show.

So if you subscribe to the Playboy Channel be sure to watch for the upcoming "Playboy Beach House" reality show. If you don't subscribe maybe you should. I know we plan to add the channel to the office TV - only to watch the show featuring our Bootie Shorts of course - unfortunately it would be just too distracting to leave it on all day - unless of course we are adding more sexy Bootie Shorts to the site or blogging about them!

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