Monday, May 30, 2011

Wild Leopard Tights at Viktor Viktoria

Leopard Tights are super sexy. They continue to be best sellers at Viktor Viktoria and because they can add a little bit of spice to any little black dress. Today, I was decided whether or not to wear tights under my little black dress, so I looked at all of my tights options. I discovered that I had a pair of Leopard Tights, from Viktor Viktoria and that I had completely forgotten about! I decided to wear the Leopard Tights under the dress, just to add a little bit of my wild side.

leopard tights viktor viktoria

So anyway, I went to the club (I just got back) and totally realized that the Leopard Tights were a one of a kind. No one else at the club had Leopard Tights on. This, of course, made me the center of attention. Because, as I knew they would, the Leopard Tights said that I had a wild side.

I got my Leopard Tights from At Viktor Viktoria and you can find many different kinds of tights, including Leopard Tights  Viktor Viktoria and are your one stop shop for leggings and tights!

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