Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lace Mini Dress: Turtleneck Dress in Black Lace is so hot!

Viktor Viktoria and are your sources for sexy dresses.  I have yet to meet anyone whose significant other has said no to seeing their sweetie in something sexy. Check out the TurtleNeck Mini Dress now and give their eyes something to feast on.

TurtleNeck Mini Dress

Play a little joke on your love by telling them you got a new turtle neck and want to show them, and then put on your TurtleNeck Mini Dress. Once they realize how sexy this lacy Turtleneck Mini Dress is they’ll be glad you went shopping!! While turtlenecks are not normally thought of as hot this TurtleNeck Mini Dress sure is, it’s super tight, super short and super see through!

The TurtleNeck Mini Dress is also great for the hot lace shirt over tank top trend going on right now! Check out the TurtleNeck Mini Dress and the rest of the Lace items available at Viktor Viktoria and now!

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