Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wow 'Em in White Furry Boot Covers

Who doesn’t love furry boot covers? We have some awesome White Furry Boot Covers at Viktor Viktoria and
White Furry Boot Covers

These White Furry Boot Covers are just under knee high, with an almost satin-y band to keep them in place.  The White Furry Boot Covers look awesome with a pair of Black Metallic Bootyshorts.  You could wear the White Furry Boot Covers with a set of Turquoise Fishnets for a bright, “out there” look.

Wear the White Furry Boot Covers to a rave or a concert for that “rave girl” style.  Or wear the White Furry Boot Covers to the club on the weekend.  Nab the White Furry Boot Covers at Viktor Viktoria and today. 

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