Thursday, January 7, 2010

M and M Onesies, Elvis Presley Onesies make great baby shower gifts!

Everyone likes to attend baby showers right? What can be more fun than spending an afternoon playing baby shower games and eating pink or blue cup cakes. Everytime a baby shower invite arrives I wonder why are we invited to so many baby showers every year? My theory is that the word is out that Viktor Viktoria and have the best baby onesies and toddler tees so if you want some cute rompers for your new baby then be sure to include someone from Viktor Viktoria or on the guest list and you are bound to get some cute onesies.

This weekend, in addition to all the post Holiday craziness, we had to attend a baby shower for cousin Mary. She is a big fan of M&M's and also a big Elvis fan so we decided on M&M Onesies and an Elvis Onesie and an Elvis Tee for our shower gift. Now it is very cold here in Wisconsin so very few babies will be dressed in M&M Onesies or Elvis Onesies until Spring but Mary just loved our baby Onesies. One of the Elvis Onesies featured long sleeves so on those March days when it starts to warm up a bit she can put baby Devin in the long sleeve Elvis onesie and come May the short sleeve Elvis Onsie will be perfect!

Since Mary is having a boy, we choose a blue M&M onesie for her baby shower gift bag. Our M&M onesies are available in Blue, red, yellow, green and orange. They are super cute and always generate ohhs and ahhs at a baby shower. We always remember to include a bag of M&M's for the mom to be - candy which I'm sure is ripped open as soon as the baby shower presents are loaded into the car!

In addition to Elvis Onesies, we gave the mom to be an Elvis Tee for the baby's older brother. Poor little Kevin (Devin and Kevin - cute right) was there watching this new baby get all the gifts and I could tell he felt bad so I'm glad we decided to throw in that extra Elvis toddler Tee for him. It really made his day!

Lil Elvis Toddler Tee at Viktor Viktoria

So if you are lucky enough to be invited to another baby shower and aren't sure what to buy, consider M&M Onesies, Elvis Presley Onesies and Elvis Presley Tees. Everyone at the shower will love them and if your mom to be has an older sibiling then why not also get that child an Elvis Toddler Tee or a M&M Toddler Tee as well. Your M&M onesies and Elvis baby onesies and Elvis toddler tees will be a big hit with only one drawback - they will increase your chances of getting invited to every baby shower in town - hope you like playing baby shower games and eating cup cakes! In addition to Elvis baby clothing, Viktor Viktoria and also have Bob Marley onesies, Willie Nelson onesies, Jimi Hendrix onesies and Johnny Cash onesies. We love our Viktor Viktoria baby collection and hope you will too!

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