Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leather Wrap Around Humanity Bracelets Now At Viktor Viktoria

We recently returned from the MAGIC Tradeshow in Las Vegas. One of the lines we saw that we were compelled to order was Humanity. Humanity was created with a desire to help the world. A percentage of each sale of a Humanity Bracelet is donated to a worthy cause. We loved the style of the Humanity Bracelets and left MAGIC with a small order for Humanity Bracelets.
The Humanity Bracelets have just arrived at Viktor Viktoria. These wrap around leather Humanity Bracelets are available in a wide variety of colors. Humanity Bracelets feature metallic messages such as "Plant Peace," "Speak Kindness," and "Accept Love."

"Humanity stands for all the things that we can do to make this world a more enjoyable and better place to linve in." according to Humanity Co-Founder Tammy Hotsenpiller. Humanity Bracelets will hopefully inspire all who purchase them to reach for a better world.

At Viktor Viktoria and we have received two styles of Humanity Bracelets: The Humanity Leather Wrap Around Bracelet and The Humanity Cuff Bracelet. Both of our Humanity Bracelets are available in twelve great colors.

Humanity Bracelets feature a tapestry of art and written text that unfolds the story of individuals, social justice and the environment. The company, Humanity, was created as a dynamic, branded, lifestyle approach to humanitarianism.

Many stars have been photographed wearing Humanity Bracelets. They are leather with striking foil statements that look great with any outfit.

Click here to view Humanity Wrap Around Leather Bracelets at Viktor Viktor
Each piece of the Humanity collection tells a story of passion, purpose and courage. With the graphic image on the outside and the written message on the inside Humanity Bracelets are sure to be loved by all - including all Viktor Viktoria and sales associates. Humanity is a story driven fashion that supports non-profits around the world.

Stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at and check out our Humanity Bracelets. We love both the classic wrap Humanity Bracelet as well as the sexy cuff Humanity Bracelet. We know that once you wear your first Humanity Bracelet you will want one of every color - just like I did!

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