Monday, March 5, 2012

Kelly Green Metalic Leggings, Lime Green Metallic Leggings: Saint Patrick's Day Leggings at Viktor Viktoria

Kelly Green Metallic Leggings and Lime Metallic Leggings are perfect for Saint Patrick's Day.  Did you know that St. Patrick really didn’t banish all the snakes from Ireland? Yeah, the guys kinda a scam artist!  Are you looking for the perfect Kelly Green Metallic Leggings or Lime Metallic Leggings for your St Patrick’s Day celebration? Look no further than Viktor Viktoria and for your legging needs.
Kelly Green Metallic Leggings

We have two great pairs of metallic leggings in green colors for you to choose from. Kelly Green Metallic Leggings is that great, deep green most associated with Irish.  The The Kelly Green Metallic Leggings are great paired with a “Good Wholesome Irish Girl” or other humorous St. Patrick’s tees.  And hey, after St. Patty’s day the Kelly Green Metallic Leggings are great for nights out in some cute tees.

lime metallic leggings
If you don’t really dig the dark green of the Kelly Green Metallic Leggings then check out the Lime Metallic Leggings, these leggings are a bright lime green with Metallic sheen to them.  The Lime Metallic Leggings are also great for St. Patrick’s Day since they still ensure that you won’t be pinched for not wearing green.  The Lime Metallic Leggings also look great with tutus or St Patty’s Day tees.

Whether you choose to wear the Kelly Green Metallic Leggings or the Lime Metallic Leggings, you’ll look amazing this St. Patrick’s Day.  Just keep in mind, despite the colors of the Irish Flag it would be bad luck to wear the Kelly Green Metallic Leggings or Lime Metallic Leggings with Orange and White together.  Get your Kelly Green Metallic Leggings or Lime Metallic Leggings now before they’re all gone, so get over to Viktor Viktoria and today. 

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