Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Silver Sequin Booty Shorts: Shiny Silver Short Shorts A Must

Sequin Booty Shorts are a must for so many Viktor Viktoria Vixens! Do you love the color Silver? Are you looking for something sexy in this great color? Then check out the Silver Sequin Booty Shorts at Viktor Viktoria and
Silver Sequin Booty Shorts
The Silver Sequin Booty Shorts are bold, out there and super hot!  Whether you’re a dancer, a model, or hell, even a stay at home mom you’ll love the Silver Sequin Booty Shorts for their comfort and style!   Hitting the dance floor this weekend? Then rock the Silver Sequin Booty Shorts over some fishnets for a killer look! If you love the color Silver and dropping jaws you’ll love the Silver Sequin Booty Shorts.  Wear the Silver Sequin Booty Shorts out on the town, or in the bedroom.  Just remember you can’t wear ‘em if you don’t have them, so snag the Silver Sequin Booty Shorts now at Viktor Viktoria and

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