Monday, May 28, 2012

Get Ready For Summer With these Summer Staples!

Summer is here! And now it’s time to brush the dust off your warm weather clothes!  Here are a few items from Viktor Viktoria and to add to your summer wardrobe.
Handkerchief Dress- Maxi dresses are hot! And in the heat you want a nice loose Handkerchief Dress to stay cool.  We have some great Handkerchief Dresses in maxi length and mini length in stock.  Plus with the amazing colors available for the Handkerchief Dress you’ll find  one you love!

MC Hammer Pants Viktor Viktoria
MC Hammer Pants- These MC Hammer Pants are flying off the shelf!  Available in either black or white you’ll love wearing your MC Hammer Pants with your cute tees and sexy tops!  With the wider, layered hips you’ll look super-hot in these MC Hammer Pants

Beaded Neck Dress
Beaded Neck Dress-We have multiple color choices for the Beaded Neck Dress, each one better than the next!  The Beaded Neck Dress is a short length halter dress with a beaded top.  The Beaded Neck Dress goes perfectly from the beach to a summer wedding.

Grab any of these items for summer and you’ll be in love!  The only hard part is deciding which colors you’ll get of each of these items! So swing on by to Viktor Viktoria and and check them out and find your perfect match!

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