Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fluffies: Nicki Minaj Loves Fluffies! Furry Boot Covers, Fuzzies, etc

Niki Minaj wears Fluffies  also known as fuzzies, furry boot covers, fur leg warmers and just crazy fur things! Of course, they are available at Viktor Viktoria and
fluffies viktor viktoria
Nicki Minaj s always one for shocking looks and recently it was NEON!  She’s worn Fluffies in her prior outfits, and now she’s done it again!  Maybe she got her Fluffies from Viktor Viktoria and just like you can!

rainbow fluffies viktor viktoria
When she wore her stuffed animal dress she wore Rainbow Fluffies.  The Rainbow Fluffies are great with fishnets and booty shorts (or carcasses of stuffed animals I suppose)!  What else is great about the Rainbow Fluffies is they can be worn with heels or flats!

rainbow fluffies viktor viktoria
Or you could go neon like Nicki does with Lime GreenFluffies.  Wear Lime Green Fluffies with a matching skirt or booty shorts.  Lime Green Fluffies can also be worn over jeans for a really unique look.

lime green fluffies

Get your Fluffies today!  We have tones of great colors and styles available to choose from!  Check out our Fluffies selection at Viktor Viktoria and

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