Thursday, August 2, 2012

Black Sequin Butterfly Top: Be Brazen in the Black Holographic Sequin Butterfly Top

Summer is here and super hot!.  I’ve find myself searching for the smallest items of clothing I own just to stay cool.  That’s why I love the Black Holographic Sequin Butterfly Top from Viktor Viktoria and

The Black Sequin Butterfly Top is a very sexy tie-on top shaped like a butterfly.  Covered in sequins the  Sequin Butterfly Top  is sure to catch the (Hot, Devil) Sun’s rays and really sparkle.  The ties in the back allow the  Black Sequin Butterfly Top  to be worn and tied multiple ways.

The  Black Sequin Butterfly Top  looks great with mini skirts or shorts.  And in the colder months you can wear the  Black Sequin Butterfly Top  with a blazer over it.  Get the  Black Sequin Butterfly Top  today at Viktor Viktoria and

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