Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good Works Bracelets: Metallic Wrap Good Works Bracelet at

If you’re looking for a great new bracelet to add to your collection you’ll love the new metallic Good Works Wrap Bracelet from Viktor Viktoria and  Good Works Bracelets are special not only for their easy to wear style, but for the fact that the Good Works Company stands behind their name and donates 25% of their profits to charity.
The  Good Works Wrap Bracelet  is made out of Metallic leather material.  All along the band of this one size fits all wrap bracelet are phrases like “Pave the Path”, “Make a Difference” and “Sow Love”.  The  Good Works Wrap Bracelet  has little crystals all around the band so it adds shine and style.   Available in multiple colors you’re sure to find a  Good Works Wrap Bracelet  you love. And if you’re planning on going out for the night the Good Works Metallic Bracelet looks awesome. Check out the entire collection of Good Works bracelets now at Viktor Viktoria and  

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