Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stardust Good Works Bracelets for A Starry Night!

Do you love to sparkle and shine? Are you a fan of Good Works Bracelets? (Who isn't?) Then you’ll love the Good Works Stardust Bracelet from Viktor Viktoria and  
The Good Works Stardust Bracelet is a wrap bracelet from out favorite bracelet company, Good Works, made of glittery metallic leather. Around the band of the Good Works Stardust Bracelet are phrases like: “Speak Kindness”, “Believe” and “Sow Love” in metallic type.  Also gracing the band of the Good Works Stardust Bracelet are crystals to add more sparkle.  The Good Works Stardust Bracelet would look great adorning your wrist on a night out or at a party.  You could also give the Good Works Stardust Bracelet as a meaningful gift.  Nab the Good Works Stardust Bracelet at Viktor Viktoria and today

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