Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sexy Costumes at Viktor Viktoria

Yes, we have sexy costumes at www.viktorviktoriashop.com.  You can buy fully packaged costumes or be creative and put your costume together from Viktor Viktoria pieces.  Are you looking for something new for Halloween this year? Why not go as a sexy leopard; with the help of Viktor Viktoria and www.viktorviktoriashop.com, you can go as the sexiest jungle cat out there.  

  Start off with the Grey Leopard Corset, available in both brown and grey tones you could actually chose the color you prefer, but the grey would set you apart as a sexy snow leopard. The corset has a clasp up front and lace up back for cinching, and also has removable straps.  The Grey Leopard Corset has a sweetheart neckline that is super sexy and will make people say “MEOW”.  leopard leggings Pair the Grey Leopard Corset with these Grey Leopard Leggings to be all matchy matchy.  These leggings are tight and sexy, perfect for a sexy jungle cat.  The Grey Leopard Leggings are about ankle length (so why not wear a cute pair of boots).  Add a tail to the back and you’ll be the cutest cat out there.                                                                                                                                       Obviously you’ll need to get a tail and ears to go with your Grey Leopard Corset and Grey Leopard Leggings to make the costume complete, but those are easy to come by at a costume shop.  Viktor Viktoria and www.viktorviktoriashop.com are able and willing to help you find all the items you’ll need for your purr-fect Halloween costume. 

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