Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sexy Devil Costume: Be A Little Devil At Viktor Viktoria

Sexy Devil Costume: Be A Little Devil At Viktor Viktoria Are you hoping to be a sexy devil for Halloween but don’t know where to start? Let Viktor Viktoria and help!    devil costume Grab the Be Wicked Marlene Corset for the red base of your costume.  This corset is a bright scarlet red, with scroll embroidery and removable garter straps.  The Be Wicked Marlene Corset cinches up with laces in the back and has an easy zip up front.  red metallic leggings The bottom of your costume is where the choices come in. You could pair the Be Wicked Marlene Corset with Red Metallic Leggings for a sexy pant look , these leggings are hot and tight! Plus the metallic fabric kinda gives it a rocker vibe.  The Red Metallic Leggings are great if you’re going for more of the Elizabeth Hurley “Bedazzled” look.

If you’re looking for something shorter you could get the Red Sequin Booty Shorts or a Red Tutu! Both of these options give you the opportunity to show skin.  The Red Sequin Booty Shorts are very eyecatching and fun, with lots of sparkles.  The Red Tutu is super fun, very poofy and gives a whimsical touch to your sexy devil!  
Or scrap the two piece idea and go for the Red Ruffle Dress.  This dress is incredibly short and very revealing!  The Red Ruffle Dress is very “Bedazzled” Elizabeth, so you’ll turn heads for sure.   Whether you choose the Be Wicked Marlene Corset with Red Sequin Booty Shorts, Red Tutu or the Red Ruffle Dress add a tail and pitchfork and look smoking!  Get all your sexy costume essentials at Viktor Viktoria and

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