Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sexy Peacock Costume at

Viktor Viktoria and are your sources for sexy costumes - especially if you are a creative person and don't want one of those $19.99 package cheesy costumes.  Sometimes you want to be out there with costumes.  Why not try a sexy peacock costume?  With a few items from Viktor Viktoria and and a glue gun you’ll be set! Grab yourself the Be Wicked Lace Corset in light blue.  This corset features lace overlays, ruffles, polka dots and other extravagant feminine touches.  The Be Wicked Lace Corset has a zip front and back lace for cinching for a sexy look.   Next, wear your Be Wicked Lace Corset with one of our Bright Blue Tutu.  These tutus are very out there, very poofy, very peacock like!  Keep in mind the Bright Blue Tutu is very short so you’ll probably want some booty shorts under it.   Here’s where the crafty part comes in.  You can get peacock feathers in bulk online, and you’ll need a whole bunch.  Also get some elastic while you’re at it.  Now hot glue the feathers to the elastic to create your tail, and maybe make a headdress too!  While it may sound hard, this costume is easy! And with the bright colors of the feathers, Bright Blue Tutu and Be Wicked Lace Corset you’ll make an AWESOME peacock.  Get all your costume needs at Viktor Viktoria and!

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