Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dance now in your high waist leggings: Black high waist metallic leggings in hot colors

If you're addicted to Dance Moms on Bravo or Dancing With The Stars on ABC, you've probably noticed all the metallic shorts, high waist leggings, and hot metallic leggings that the dancers are all wearing. Not a week goes by without viewing the shiny, metallic dancer shorts and leggings on either show. 
gold metallic dance shorts
 Black capri dance leggings make any look sassy without looking super naughty. These black metallic dance leggings are age appropriate and make any dance costume complete.
capri dance leggings
 If you're looking for a one piece dance suit, check out the black metallic spaghetti strap unitard at
metallic unitard
 Any costumer can add a pop of neon color accents on metallic black leggings to totally change the look of any dance routine. Bring a creative look to your dance team by starting with basic black metallic leggings and showing off your team colors with contrasting accents. 
black leggings

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