Thursday, May 23, 2013

People Will Flock to You in the Feather Skirt

Do you love to turn heads and draw attention to yourself? Are you a dancer shopping for your next performance? Check out the Feather Skirt at Viktor Viktoria and

The Feather Skirt is one of our newest items in the shop and it is one of the hottest for sure.  The “leather” belt clips on the side and all along the band are feathers hanging down into a micro mini in whatever color you choose.  The Feather Skirt is very short and open on the side where the belt clasps, so something underneath is a must!

Also in the shop, you can match the Feather Skirt to the perfect Feather Top and have super sexy outfit!  Check out both the Feather Skirt and Feather Top at Viktor Viktoria and today. 

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