Sunday, May 5, 2013

Live in Leggings This Summer

Do you love leggings? Looking for a great selection of leggings for the summer?  Why not check out a few of the choices you have at Viktor Viktoria and

Seamless Capri Leggings- These are just your run of the mill, simple leggings on a seamless fabric.  The Seamless Capri Leggings are just above the ankles in length (a big length for this season!) and available in tons of colors.   Plus, if you’re a bigger girl we do have the Seamless Capri Leggings available in queen size!

Fishnet Side Leggings- These leggings are definitely head turning leggings.  The Fishnet Side Leggings are like a mullet, business in the front, party on the side (okay SORT of mullet like).  Made out of seamless material and available in tons of colors the Fishnet Side Leggings have a fun panel of large diamond net up the side.

Hook and Eye Leggings- These leggings are my FAVORITE leggings we have in the store. The Hook and Eye Leggings remind me of “bad” Sandie from Grease!  Worn with a white tee shirt and heels you can even wear them for Halloween!!  The Hook and Eye Leggings are liquid leggings, along the side on the bottom are hook and eye clasps so you could open the bottom up if you want.

Any of these leggings make for great starts to summer fashion.  Get the Hook and Eye Leggings, Fishnet Side Leggings, an Seamless Capri Leggings today at Viktor Viktoria and

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