Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lace Garter Belt: Be a Goddess in the Lace Garter Belt

Sometimes you get thigh highs, and despite how sexy they are they just won’t stay up.  That’s why you need the Lace Garter Belt from Viktor Viktoria and
lace garter belt

The  Lace Garter Belt  is a simple black garter belt, which snaps to the top of the thigh high keeping it in place. The  Lace Garter Belt  is easy to conceal under a skirt or dress and makes a super sexy surprise at the end of the night.  You can wear the  Lace Garter Belt  under that formal dress to keep your thigh highs in place and feel sexy underneath.

The  Lace Garter Belt  would also be great under a costume for a sexy element or just peeking out from a mini skirt on a night on the town. Or just wear the  Lace Garter Belt  over a pair of booty shorts and a bra for that special someone.  Check out the  Lace Garter Belt  now at Viktor Viktoria and

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