Friday, June 29, 2012

Brown Rhinestone Bangle is Great with Flowy Dresses

It seems like this season the must have trend is natural fabric and flowy neutrals.  The same goes for jewelry so every girl should have the great Brown Rhinestone Bangle from Viktor Viktoria and in their jewelry box.

rhinestone bangle,

The RhinestoneBangle is a great addition to any girl’s wardrobe.  While bright and funky jewelry looks great with that lime green tank, you should have some simple pieces for wearing with that awesome peasant dress that’s where the Brown Rhinestone Bangle comes into play. This Brown Rhinestone Bangle is a silver bangle with multiple shades of brown rhinestones covering it.

For the girl who has jewelry in every color of the rainbow, the Brown Rhinestone Bangle is a must have for this summer’s flowy natural trend. I think that the Brown Rhinestone Bangle would go great with a cute little skirt and tee shirt to beat the heat and stay stylish.   Nab the Brown Rhinestone Bangle at Viktor Viktoria and

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