Monday, June 11, 2012

Leg Warmers: Keep it Sexy in the Keyhole Leg Warmers!

Are you into wearing unique and cool looking legwarmers? Why not grab the Keyhole Leg Warmers from Viktor Viktoria and

The Keyhole Leg Warmers are black legwarmers that come a bit below the knee, and in the back they have a large keyhole in the back behind the knee.  The keyhole on the Keyhole Leg Warmers has the appearance of being laced up.  You could definitely wear the Keyhole Leg WarmersKeyhole Leg Warmersover a pair of kick ass heels or boots.

I think that the Keyhole Leg Warmers are great for strippers, stay at home moms or just girls who love wearing outfits with attitude!  The Keyhole Leg Warmers would look great with a mini skirt or booty shorts too.  Check out the Keyhole Leg Warmers at Viktor Viktoria and

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