Monday, November 5, 2012

Lace Tights: Perfect For Fall, Lacey Tights

Lace Tights, including floral lace tights, have always been a staple at Viktor Viktoria and!

Recently Instyle Magazine did a survey to determine if their readers would wear lace tights.  I guess this is a new trend in the fashion world.  Well, at this trend is not really a trend it is a fashion reality as we have been selling lace tights to match our customer's outfits for many, many years.  We love the look of lace tights with little black dresses, mini skirts and even peaking out of a long black skirt.  Lace tights just add that touch of sexiness that Viktor Viktoria Vixens demand.

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As you can see from Instyle, major stars are picking up on the lace tight style.   Myley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Taylor Mamsen wear lace tights with little black dresses.  These lace tights look great with each outfit because they kept their dress simple and let the black lace tights make a statement on their own.

At Viktor Viktoria and you will find a huge collection of lace tights to add to your wardrobe.  These tights are one size fits most and will dress up any outfit - just don't pair them with anything too crazy!

Click here to view Lace Tights at Viktor Viktoria

So shop online at and check out our great collection of Lace Tights.  In addition to these lace tights, we also have opaque tights, fishnet tights, striped tights, patterned tights and many more styles of tights.  You will be able to find a style of tights to match your little black dress or any outfit you may have.  I am now wearing lace tights on an almost daily basis and have declared this my new signature accessory for winter!

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