Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tights: Opaque Tights For Fall Fun

Opaque Tights at Viktor Viktoria and are great for your Fall fashion looks.  Do you like making a statement? I do; I love having people come up and compliment me on my clothing style or beauty regimen.  Standing out in a crowd is sometimes hard to do but Viktor Viktoria and have just the ticket.  Our newest line Be Wicked has some great Opaque Tights in fantastic colors!
blue opaque tights green tights
These Opaque Tights are perfect under minis, with the new shorts over tights trend or under a little black dress for a night out.  These Opaque Tights are bright colored and unable to be missed! When you’ve got a super fun outfit planned or just want your plain old LBD to stand out you need a pair of these Opaque Tights.
pink tights
 Grab one of our great tunic tops or tees and a pair of these Opaque Tights in your favorite color and you’re set to go for the night! With bright colors all the rage nowadays people will be stopping you to ask about these great Opaque Tights and where you got them. Just tell them Viktor Viktoria has Opaque Tights in a wide array of colors!
As we said, in addition to you fashion looks you can also use these opaque tights for your Halloween Costumes as they are available in six colors (Orange, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple and Green)  At under $10 each, these Opaque Tights are priced just right that you can own a pair in every color!  Stop into Viktor Viktoria or visit and pick up a pair or six of your very own Be Wicked Opaque Tights.

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